GTLNC Administrative Committee

Administrative Committee

Admin Lisa Cahan-Davis


The Greater Toluca Lake Neighborhood Council (GTLNC) was certified by DONE on September 10, 2002 and the start date for funding was April 2, 2003. The GTLNC is funded by the City of Los Angeles, and like the City, operates on a Fiscal Year (FY) basis. The GTLNC, as all other Certified Neighborhood Councils receives an annual budget allocation each July 1st. These funds, as well as any carry-over funds from previous years, are used by the GTLNC for projects and programs that have been approved by the GLTNC Board.

The FY is divided into four quarters: 1st Quarter is from July 1-September 30; 2nd Quarter is from October 1-December 31; 3rd Quarter is from January 1-March 31; and, the 4th Quarter is from April 1-July 30.

Committee Meetings